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Dr. Laura's Total Functional Health Reset

Don't let chronic health issues ruin your life. Join the 10-week Total Functional Health Reset to get to the roots of your health problems, turn them around, and take back control of your health. Watch your body transform into a healthier, more energetic version of YOU!



"Every BODY has the ability to heal, when given the right tools"

- Dr. Laura Robin

Dr. Laura Robin, with Rosa Transformational Health, has helped thousands of people change the way they look at healthcare, to feel empowered in their healing journey, and to learn about their whole self health- body, mind, and spirit . The knowledge you’ll gain from our step-by-step Total Functional Health Reset will not only help you improve the functioning of your body, it will give you the lifelong knowledge, tools, and understanding you need to take care of your health starting where it matters: the roots. 


The Total Functional Health Reset is perfect for you if....

  • You are interested in learning about the Functional Medicine approach

  • You are (cliché coming) SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED

  • You experience one or more: fatigue, brain fog, low stamina, not sleeping, achy, low mood, feeling ‘off’ or not your best

  • You have not been fully helped by traditional medicine to get to the bottom of things

  • You experience bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, ‘water weight’. 

  • You keep gaining weight despite ‘trying’

  • You are like the 60%+ adults in this country with risk for diabetes and heart disease/stroke and you want to learn how to prevent it or turn it around

  • You want to learn how to support your immune system

  • You want to learn how to support your endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, female and male hormones)

  • You feel like you are surviving rather than thriving

  • You have an autoimmune or autoinflammatory issue

  • You want to optimize your immune system, your energy, your metabolism, your brain, your detoxification systems, your hormone balance

  • You want to lower your risk for spending your last 10-20 years being cared for by others because of degenerative conditions like osteoporosis, dementia, fragility, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders 

  • AND you want to spend the rest of your life as energetic, strong, and optimized as possible!!


 "I was tired of being sick and heavy. Successes: Losing 38 pounds so far and having no trouble keeping it off, the knowledge of what foods effect me bad and how to avoid them. I am off of blood pressure medications, feeling better, my sense of worth is now high. I have tried all kinds of diets and plans and never had success, UNTIL I CAME HERE. Now I feel better, have more energy, and overall outlook is great! Best money I have EVER spent."

"Struggling with weight and energy levels for the past 10 years. There were times it was a challenge for me but I stuck with it! I’m now down 30 pounds and my joints hurt less which is huge. I am sleeping solid through the night and actually feel rested in the morning. My last blood tests showed almost all of my numbers in the normal range, where I was borderline diabetic before. Overall, I think I have given myself the gift of a happy life by doing this program. I highly recommend it!"

Sound too good to be true?

It's not. We've seen it thousands of times!


Since 2015, Rosa Transformational Health has been helping people reverse chronic illness and gain the tools they need to know how to take care of their bodies and live their healthiest lives. We created the 8-week Total Functional Health Reset as a step-by-step guide to give people the knowledge to transform their health and feel empowered to make changes that actually work. We don't believe in temporary fixes, band-aids for symptoms, or the curse of "Your labs look normal". Our mission is to help every BODY feel amazing and get one step closer to their best health.


This course is for you if you are tired of feeling sick and tired and you are ready to Get Your Health Back, for real and for good.

"I have more energy & just feel better. I really recognized on a deep level that this is what I needed & I am much healthier for it!"

"I have seen a huge improvement in all areas of concern. My sleep has vastly improved, I have energy, I'm working out, my gut health is much improved. I was feeling very discouraged about my health journey having worked on it for 2+ years. Dr. Laura and the Rosa team really helped to put everything in the right order."

“On my quest for information I feel like I have had an incredible college course on diet, nutrition & fitness. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!”

Total Investment


  • 10-week step-by-step Functional Elimination Diet, Detox, and Reintroduction- tips, tricks, and guidance. 
  • Hours of engaging video content 
  • Downloadable resources to support you in your healing journey
  • Complete, in-depth introduction to identifying and healing root cause issues in your body and how to turn them around
  • Discounts from our high quality supplement suppliers
  • Extra support for your success through a closed Facebook Group and course Q+A**
  • Exclusive access to teachings from Dr. Laura Robin, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Board Certified Family Practice, Preventive Medicine, Integrative and Holistic Medicine, Functional Medicine Certification Program, author of Get Your Health Back, founder of Rosa Transformational Health and Get Your Health Back 

**Please note that this is not a medically directed course. It is a physician-designed, self-directed course. This course is not medically supervised.

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